We cordially invite you to register for and participate in The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Scientific Workshops.

Your participation will open a new chapter to the international connections of The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine. We bring scientists from the cutting edge of the scientific fields to teach students during four/five day's of online workshops. Such course will generate a fruitful interaction between international students and scientists at The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine.

The workshop will be on
Mathematics of the MusculoSkeleton: Post-Genome analysis for bone biology.
Days: December 13-17, 2020.

Organizing Committee Chair:
Dr. Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern, The Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Scientific Committee:
Prof. David Karasik, The Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Prof. Yankel Gabet, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Conference Coordinators:
Dr. Dorith Raviv Shay, The Bar-Ilan University, Israel dorith.raviv-shay@biu.ac.il
Dr. Chen Shochat, The Bar-Ilan University, Israel chen.shochat@biu.ac.il
Dr. Gideon Baum, The Bar-Ilan University, Israel